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While Neville initially planned to spend the usual few years developing the movie, “There was this sense that the film should be done this year,” he said. “Everything just clicked. It felt like ‘go, go, go do this.’

He would ordinarily take months to boil down mountains of archive material and 32 interviews into a dense rough cut. But he had his editors go another way, picking the essential moments they felt they had to use — which formed the spine of a 90-minute edit. Anything after that had to earn its way in.“It was starting with a very clear idea of what the film was going to do in the beginning,” he said. “We finished editing early, which never happens. Something about this film wanted to be born quickly.”

It premiered at Sundance 14 months later, and that’s when the weeping began.

“Won’t You Be My Neighbor?”

“The funny thing is how many different people have come to me with different triggers,” he said. “People say, ‘Of course the trigger is this scene.’ There’s 20 different moments in the film. It’s a reflection of us, who are you and what are you bringing to it? What is your trigger? What I’ve come to realize is that Fred’s superpower was this penetrating emotional honesty and this ability to find one’s emotional bullseye. And ultimately if you’re trying to keep your adult defenses up, he’s going to penetrate those defenses. Your emotional bullseye is going to get hit at some point during the film.”

Audiences could take “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” to well over $20 million, especially with an inevitable Oscar push. Focus Features got the buzz going at Sundance, followed by a heavy screening program ahead of the June 8 opening. “The best publicity for this film has been WOM (word of mouth)” wrote distribution president Lisa Bunnell in an email. “We have found that the public has embraced the film as a cathartic way to deal with the world that we live in now. It gives them hope and inspires them to be a good ‘neighbor.'”

Find this movie. See this movie. It’s the perfect movie for these times.

— Mike Birbiglia (@birbigs) June 25, 2018

Focus Features didn’t ask celebrities with large followings to tweet on the behalf of the movie. Nor did they push moviegoers in Tampa, Florida to throw a Mr. Rogers block party in front of the theater, complete with a sweater and sneaker drive for children and sidewalk chalk art, along with other Mr. Rogers “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” clothing drives. Theater chain Alamo Drafthouse decided to collect donations for PBS at theaters showing the movie.

“I would like Donald Trump to see it,” one woman piped up at the Landmark. “But I don’t think it would make a difference.”

“It’s the most contemporary film I’ve ever done,” Neville said, “considering the show started 65 years ago. The things he was dealing with were human emotions and fallibility. Those things don’t change. It was in Fred’s nature to not give up and not judge. The PSA testimonial he did in the wake of 9/11 ticks off a number of things to keep in our hearts. The last three essential things are faith, pardon, and love.”

Photo© Philippe Chancel

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‘Les Grands Verres’, the new restaurant of the Palais de Tokyo, the largest center for contemporary artistic creation in all of Europe, opens its door to the public. An entirely customized project drawn by Lina Ghotmeh—A. as a celebration of the raw. More than 200 suspended lights dialogue with the history of the place. An invitation for a sensorial experience inviting the hand for a promenade along new sustainable materials.

Photos © Takuji Shimmura

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Bringing together 15 of the most talented French Artistscraftsmen and women, Wonder Lab exhibition will offer a fresh perspective on contemporary creation between the 11thof September until the 26thof Novemberin Tokyo.Lina Ghotmeh–A.created for the Tokyo National Museum’s emblematic Hyokeikan a spacious environment embarking the visitors onan unparalleled aesthetic journeythat intersects expertise, mediums, life journeys, and men and women who are determinedto combine vocation with tradition and innovation.

Initiative of : Hearts Crafts / Curator : Hélène Kelmachter

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Les Grands Verres, the new restaurant of the palais de Tokyo will open its doors very soon! An architecture of the raw that will reveal the memory and poetics of the space. A premier in Paris with an 18-meter long compacted earth bar acting as a living barometer of the place.

Photos © Takuji Shimmura —clickon photo for more

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Parigo is a broadcast dedicated to transport in the region of Paris and the surrounding area on France 3. During their second episode they were interested in the future of the disused stations of Paris, an occasionto have a look atthe project of Ré-alimenter Masséna, prize-winner of Ré-inventer Paris, delivery in 2020. Presentation by Lina Ghotmeh,to look clickon " more information "

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Lina Ghotmeh wasthe guest of the 125th anniversary of the Finnish Association of Architects. For this occasion she gave a conference "Tracing Stories Towards the yearOpen Architecture" on May 18th, 2017 at 1:15 pm at the University of Aalto. The conference was followed by an open debate with Rainer Mahlamäki and Liam Young. At the same occasion, the renown Architects the Swiss Peter Zumthor and French Lacatonassal receive the Honory Members SAFA Medal.

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Tonu Tunnel captures the EstonianNational Museum during the day and night, revealing different moments, shades and moods. Find out more here.

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Structural works are completed for the Stone Garden's project in Beirut. The project will house artists, designers and a cutting edge community around an art galleries in the heart of the lebanese capital Beirut.

Smarter Sourcing:

Faster Screening: Resumes only tell part of a candidate’s story and most recruiters are drowning in resume overload as it is. Instead of manually reviewing hundreds of resumes, post a coding challenge tailored to your job description for the HackerRank community to tackle. Then, invite the best participants for an onsite or phone interview.

Faster Screening:

Accurate and engaging skills-based assessments: Ditch time-consuming and inaccurate interviews using whiteboards, notepads, and unrelated code samples. Integrate your phone interview with live, real-time coding challenges. Using our built-in, web-based IDE, candidates code and compile while you watch and evaluate their coding skill and style.

Accurate and engaging skills-based assessments:

Higher Quality Hires : Now that you’ve surfaced the top candidates in your pool, you can use our platform to dig deeper into the skills of your top performing candidates. By getting quantifiable information at the first step of the interview, you’re left with more time to evaluate soft skills to find the perfect fit. .

Higher Quality Hires

—Selina de Ruiter, Technology Recruitment Manager at

Automated, standardized skills assessment service

HIREarci is an on-demand testing platform that empowers recruiters and hiring managers to quickly and effectively evaluate the skills of a candidate during the recruiting process. Recruiters get access to premium, proven screening questions that are crowdsourced from experts around the world, and a powerful adaptive testing algorithm that accurately and dynamically grades the candidate’s knowledge in a multitude of different domains. With HIREarci you can screen for all your critical skills across multiple disciplines (domains) using a single platform and interface and send only the best candidates through to the next step.

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See candidates in action.

With Indeed Assessments you’ll see candidates in action so you can spend more time connecting with skilled talent. Indeed Assessments automates the screening process and utilizes data-driven decision making to help remove bias and provide consistency in your candidate evaluations. It also offers you the flexibility to screen for the skills most relevant to your hiring needs, no matter the position or industry. Choose from our extensive library of over 50 expert designed, pre-built assessments or build your own to suit your particular hiring goals.

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Secure Tech Assessment Platform for Fast Hiring

Businesses are run by people. It is the quality of the people that work at any given workplace that determines the success/failure of that particular company. So, how do you ensure that you have the best people working with you at all times? By taking a page out of the book that is Interact, and ditching the traditional interviewing process.

Interact is a comprehensive recruitment suite for companies to find the right people in a secured, authentic and super fast manner. Interact gives recruiters the luxury of time, while also giving the feeling of working with the candidate from the comfort of their office. Say good-bye to travel expenses for all those flights over to your office. Now, simply get the one or two you wish to meet down to your office.

Interact has a vast library of questions(and assessments for the busy recruiters) that helps recruiters create assessments that are tailored for the candidates and helps them find the best fit for any given role.

This is what Interact adds to the shopping cart while recruiting:

Secure Assessments: Interact has a patent pending algorithm that tracks the motion of the candidates while they are taking the assessments and certifies them based on the honesty of their submission. You no longer have to worry whether the code that a candidate submitted was truly his. Interact has that covered for you.

Faster Screening: With Interact, you can send multiple invites at once, and see the candidates take up the assessments. You can even collaborate with your team members to assess the reports and shortlist the best candidates from the list.

Higher Quality: With no stone left unturned in a bid to ensure that the quality of the candidates that are accepted is the highest, your team will only get the best of the best. With Interact, Never miss another bright candidate or hire a false positive.

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Leading Pre-Employment Skill Testing Software

Interview Mocha is #1 Pre-Employment Skill Testing Software mainly used by Recruiters and Hiring Managers. Our skill tests helps to validate skills of candidates before hiring and thus reduces administrative hassles in Pre-Employment Skill Testing. With the help of Data Analytics and powerful reports, we help hiring managers and recruiters to take decisions.

Interview Mocha offers skill assessment for every job role Including Aptitude skills, Technological skills, Business Skills etc.

The core benefits and features of the platform are :

• 1000+ Ready skill Tests or Ask for Custom Test• Super Easy to use• Eliminates the need of human invigilation• Excellent Support .• Great Experience for candidates and users.• Reduce administrative cost, efforts and time

Interview Mocha serves clients across the globe, from startups to leading enterprises like Credit Suisse, Hexaware, Booxware, OLX, Danske Bank, Nielsen, Sephora, Nihilent and Xpanxion among hundreds of others in more than 65 countries worldwide.

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Pre-hire Assessments Redefined

Journey is a customizable interactive simulation that helps companies pre-screen, hire, and retain the best employees. It combines psychometrics and artificial intelligence to create a uniquely engaging interactive experience for job candidates. Journey is explicitly designed to promote inclusion and diversity in addition to predicting performance, engagement, and retention. Our simulation is professionally validated and available for use in recruiting immediately.

The cost of making a bad hire or replacing a bad employee can add up. Costs associated with conducting phone screens and face to face interviews can also be costly and time consuming.

The benefits of Journey are as follows:• An interactive psychometric simulation that helps recruiters accurately select and hire the best talent by measuring a candidate’s soft skills and culture fit.• Enhance your employer brand by adopting innovative assessments.• Comprehensive report that provides rich insights into candidates’ abilities, behaviors and preferences.• A more engaging candidate experience reduces candidate drop-off.• Strong, well-established psychometric properties ensures a more deeper and objective assessment; candidates are less able to fake or distort their responses.

The following core behavioral skills are assessed and can be used to pre-screen for any position.• Promoting Ideas• Customer Focus• Understanding Others• Negotiation• Building Team Spirit• Handling Criticism• Building Rapport• Motivating Others• Supporting Others• Gathering Information• Setting High Standards for Quality• Following Procedures• Dealing with Ambiguity.

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Source and assess technical talent with Lytmus

Lytmus is a bold new service with an innovative approach to hiring technical talent. Our virtual-machine based platform is like a “flight simulator” that allows candidates to prove their job skills with real-world projects. Companies can start by quickly sifting through their “maybe” pile with our pre-screen technology. Got a potential candidate? Lytmus allows you to phone-screen the candidate and even pair-program alongside them to see how they perform. Got your own questions and style? We also allow you to customize your tests with our pre-loaded interview library. Our auto-graders deliver in-depth reports as well as recordings so companies can carefully review candidates’ work. On the other end, job seekers can stand out to technical employers with our Showcases. We believe both candidates and companies appreciate the ability to use tests that truly reflect how candidates will do in the workplace. Our realistic environments allow everybody to show and see their real skills so that the right candidate is matched to the right job.


‐ Pre-screen candidates from your “maybe” pile‐ Phone-screen candidates and pair-program alongside them‐ Customize tests with our pre-loaded interview library‐ Get in-depth reports with recordings of candidates’ work


‐ Stand out to companies with our Showcases‐ “Try out” for jobs with tests that reflect actual on-the-job tasks‐ Show your work in realistic environments with our “flight simulator”

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Make more informed hiring decisions

Assess candidates with McQuaig assessment tools, and discover highly detailed insight into candidates’ personality profiles. The moment an assessment is complete, Greenhouse clients can leverage McQuaig reports to make more informed hiring decisions and avoid the costs of a bad hire.

By integrating with Greenhouse, we’re making it even easier for you to hire more accurately, more economically – and most importantly, more confidently.

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Accurate Predictive Sales Hiring Recommendations

Hiring great salespeople, sales managers, and sales leaders is no easy task. Too often, candidates have a charming personality, perfect track record and great resume but don't perform when placed in a sales position.

Objective Management Group's (OMG) Sales Candidate Assessment solves this problem by giving employers a detailed report on the candidate's sales-specific strengths and skills, along with a custom-tailored recommendation of whether a candidate should be interviewed. Having assessed nearly 1,000,000 salespeople, OMG's research shows that 92% of recommended candidates who are hired move to the top half of the sales force within a year, and 75% of candidates that OMG doesn't recommend but are hired anyway fail within 6 months.

Our Sales Candidate Assessments are the most accurate predictor of sales success at your specific company. We help our clients develop custom criteria for sales success in your business and integrate it to our time-tested criteria for success in sales. Then, with our unique sliding scale, we set the hiring criteria to a level appropriate for the demands of the position. Finally, you’ll have the ability to track all of your candidates online where you can sort, filter and identify trends according to the findings.

Top Sales World has awarded OMG its Gold Medal for Top Sales Marketing Assessment Tool for 5 consecutive years.

The unique insights we provide include:

OMG's Sales Candidate Assessment is designed to be easy to use for both you and your candidates. Simply tell us about your sales position, and we'll give you a unique link to provide to candidates. Candidates complete an online questionnaire, and then you receive a PDF with the assessment results by email. Simple!

Sign up for a free trial to get started today.

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Let Candidates Show their Skills

OneInterview gets more qualified candidates through your hiring funnel. We have devised a way to completely remove your technical team from the screening process while ensuring that your internal recruiting team is not wasting time on underqualified candidates.

OneInterview also has the unique capability to surface hidden gems from your candidate pool, that would have normally been discarded. OneInterview's personalized coding challenges translate your job posts into a screening process for your incoming tech candidates. Companies like Baidu, Appier, and TrustLook use OneInterview to screen their tech candidates.

Baidu Testimonial: Our phone interview pass rate increased drastically as the candidates who passed the coding challenge were already at a certain level of coding skill necessary to excel in our AI lab. This increased the efficiency of our interview process and resulted in some strong hires.

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Hire Excellent Programmers with Oxcoder

Oxcoder Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, and it has now grown into a leading technical evaluation supplier. On December 16, 2017, Oxcoder was awarded the Most Innovative Companies 50 (MIC 50/Fast50).

Many companies have found difficulties screening programmers, while our aim is to help companies screen and hire excellent programmers with higher efficiency and wiser method. A good pre-employment assessment like Oxcoder can help companies to save recruiting cost by 43%, improve collaboration by 60%, and reduce demission by 25%.

Industry Pain Point

Our Solution

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